Power & intention

This article is written by David Haworth, our tutor in Malta & Gozo and author of many of our online personal development courses. You can find out more about the courses he teaches here, and about his online personal development courses here.

Are there days when you don’t have all the confidence and focus you need to achieve your goals? I bet there are! We all have those sometimes, although we all know friends who are ‘go getters’ who never seem to falter. Believe me, they do. And when you do, you can be sure it’s because you’re not standing in all of your power. 

What would it take to encourage you to take the courageous choice to please yourself, rather than seek the approval of others?

Every time we step over our truth in order to please someone else, we diminish our essential connection with ourselves and deepen the voice of self-doubt, tearing away at our self-confidence and self-esteem. And the impact doesn’t stop with us. We may think that by helping others we’re being good to them or protecting them in some way. For example, how many times have you ‘helped’ your children, when what they really needed was to take more responsibility? Or your parents? The moment we relinquish our power to please another, we disempower them as well. You could excuse yourself by telling yourself you’re being selfless for the good of someone else, but if your selflessness is disempowering to them, what are you actually doing? 

Standing in our power not only allows us to evolve and grow, but it supports those around us in evolving and growing too. When we are willing to take risks, to step outside of our conditioned beliefs and behaviors, become comfortable with confrontation, and tell the truth about who we are and what we want (even if it disappoints someone else), a whole new world opens up. It’s not selfish (and believe me, people will tell you that it is)…. it’s right. 

When you’re willing to listen to your own voice and trust yourself enough to follow your heart, you encounter your true power; a power marked by courage and vulnerability. Any moment you offer a whole-hearted Yes! to your own truth, you are infused with the power, self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem and confidence that will give you wings.

Stand in your power this week when life presents you with the following opportunities:

Someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, simply say

‘I’m very sorry, but I can’t. How can I support you in getting that done without me?’

You see that you’re seeking someone else’s love, ask yourself

‘What can I do right now to love myself? What can I do, or what can I tell myself, that would leave me feeling so filled up inside?’

Can you remember a time when you felt truly powerful? Not when you had defeated someone at a game of chess, or won a race, but when you felt strong and in control of your own life and destiny. When you felt empowered to make the choices that are right for you? Can you remember a time?

As you think of that time, create a vision in your mind. Maybe it’s a movie, or a picture, but create that vision. Strong and standing in your power. Make the colours bright and bold, and the smells enticing, and the sounds; make those enticing too. And the feeling… can you remember the feeling, right there in that moment? Yes!

Now step inside your own picture, or movie. Step inside it and see it through your own eyes, and let all those amazing sensations surge through your body. That’s you, powerful and strong. And you have that resource, whenever you need it, right in your mind’s imagination. Use it.