Tutor contract, terms and conditions

Congratulations on enrolling as a tutor with Natural Touch Training. We are delighted to welcome you to the team! 

This contract details all the terms and conditions to which you must adhere as tutor with Natural Touch Training. Engaging in your first course signifies your commitment to these terms and conditions. 

Before you engage in your first training course, you must provide us with any information we have requested from you including copies of your qualifications (including your teaching qualification), insurance cover (which must include cover for teaching), and a statement of relevant experience. 

Standards & conductAs a professional training body we maintain the highest possible training and professional standards at all times, and expect each of our tutors to uphold these standards too. This includes standards of dress, conduct, communications, record keeping, punctuality and so on, as well as the standard of your training venue and of course the training you provide for your students. 

Dress: When you are conducting training, wear what you would wear in your professional role. For example, a clean and pressed smock, t-shirt or overall and skirt or trousers, to suit the type of course your are teaching. 

Training venue: Your venue must be approved by Natural Touch Training. We will discuss this in our initial phone conversation. If the venue is part of a spa or treatment centre you must have express permission to use it for training your students, and you must be suitably insured. Students should have access to a toilet and somewhere safe to store their belongings. 

Teaching: Please teach courses as prescribed in the course manual and course descriptions, without deviation. You may of course use your own teaching style and add personal anecdotes and experience to bring the training to life. The time allocated for practical work is valuable and should not be wasted by adding unnecessary additional content. As you already have a teaching qualification we don’t believe we need to teach you how to teach, but please ensure you structure your day carefully, leaving the majority of time for practical hands-on experience and assessment. 

Allow plenty of time for students to complete their written assessments too,  and when evaluating and discussing written work please expect detailed, complete and thorough answers. 

Refresher courses are much shorter than full courses, especially if you only have one student. Focus on the practical elements of the course. 

If you are in any doubt about how to structure or teach a particular course or what to expect from your students, please ask. We are happy to help with advice or experience. 

Tutors must be aware of the equal opportunties policy which comes at the end of the student terms and conditions. 

Insurance: Your professional insurance liability must cover teaching, and you must provide Natural Touch Training with a copy of your insurance policy which clearly shows the level of cover in place. 

Records & GDPR: In accordance with general data protection standards any communication, written message, email, completed course material, assessment material or post-course evaluation and feedback must be kept securely stored but accessible within a 24-hour time frame for a minimum period of 7 years. 

Consultation & privacy forms: All students and their models are required to complete a consent/consultation form and privacy declaration at the beginning of the course. Please use the examples in the student training manual.

Promote yourself: Natural Touch Training will promote its courses in your area through social media and professional publications. Equally, tutors are expected to promote their courses locally, and direct interested students to the Natural Touch Training website to book their course. We can provide you with Natural Touch Training generic business cards if you would like to use them. 

Tutors are also expected to display a clear link to our website on their promotional material and on their own website, to encourage prospective students to book their courses with Natural Touch Training. Logos are available for this purpose, if you would like to use them.

With permission from your students (see note about privacy declaration above), take photos during your training sessions as appropriate, and use them to compose advertising posts for social media etc.

Payment: Natural Touch Training takes a deposit payment from each student (except in the case of discounted or bundled courses, where payment is taken directly on the website and the course fee passed to the tutor), and the remaining payment comes straight to the tutor. You should expect payment at least 14 day prior to your agreed course date. Prompt your students a little before this deadline if necessary. Also acknowledge payment received, with an email. Natural Touch Training will support you in chasing late payment and enforcing our payment penalties. A course is forfeit if the outstanding fee is not paid within 7 days of the course date. It’s up to whether you take payment by card, cash, cheque etc. but please communicate this clearly to your students. 

The prices of courses is listed clearly on our website. If you subtract the deposit fee from the full course fee, you’ll be able to work out what you should earn from each student, for each course. 

Course fees must be refunded if the students informs you of their desire to cancel the course more than 14 days before the training date. Course fees paid to you are not refundable if a course is cancelled within 14 days of the agreed training date, or in the case that a student does not present themselves for training, or fails to bring a model if required.

Some students opt to pay the full course fee up-front, in which case we will send your payment to you at least 14 days before your agreed course date.

Booking courses: Once a course booking deposit fee has been received for a student in your area, requesting a course that you are qualified to teach, we will send you their contact details and course information immediately. It is then your responsibility to phone the student as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to arrange a convenient course date. It’s up to you whether you offer set dates, and take groups of students, or prefer to teach one-to-one on flexible dates. The maximum group size for any course is 4 students. Once a course date has been agreed, please let us know!

Communications: In general, most of your email communications to students will be standard pre-scripted text (which we will send to you before your first course) with minor adjustments such as the date, or venue perhaps. Please make any additions to Natural Touch Training’s standard emails clear and well written, and in keeping with the tone of the rest of the message and keep a copy of all communications you send. Please make your initial contact with each student by telephone if at all possible.

If you are planning to be away please let us know, so that we can inform any prospective students. It is also a good idea to put an out-of-office message on your email, asking your students to contact Natural Touch Training directly if their message is urgent.

Your communications with Natural Touch Training should be professional but need not be formal. A text message or brief email is fine to convey a message. Refrain from making any derogatory remarks about your students. 

Please direct all communications with Natural Touch Training to info@naturaltouchtraining.co.uk.

Certifying students: Successful students receive their certification directly from Natural Touch Training. The certificate will name you as their awarding tutor. Once a student has satisfied you of all of the course requirements, including preparatory work, practical work and any final assessments, please inform Natural Touch Training immediately.

Feedback: We always seek feedback from Natural Touch Training students after a course and use this to help develop our courses and structures. You are welcome to ask for copes of this information if you wish, and where a student is particularly positive about you or gives us useful constructive feedback about your course, we will send you a copy! Equally, we are always happy to receive useful and constructive feedback from our tutors. 

Supporting students: Once a student has completed a course with Natural Touch Training they may have questions as they begin to use their new skills. Part of our commitment to them is to be available to support with answers to those questions. If one of your students contacts you after a course, please respond professionally, and as soon as is practical for you. You are not required to give them additional coaching or tuition however. 

We also have an exclusive Facebook group which we encourage students and tutors to use to share ideas, ask questions and find out about new courses.

New courses: We are always happy to hear from tutors who feel there is a market for a particular new course title, or have a particular course that they would like to write or offer. 

Disputes: Whilst thankfully very rare, in case of any dispute or difficulty with a student please blind copy every email communication to Natural Touch Training, so that we can support you. 

Safety: We do not vet students. Setting aside personal opinion, preferences or bias, if you have doubts about the suitability of any student presenting themselves for a course, please put your safety and that of your other students first and act appropriately.

Illness: If you are unable to teach a course due to illness or similar circumstances, please let us know immediately, and contact your student(s) to arrange a mutually convenient alternative date. If an alternative date cannot be found you will need to return any course fees paid, and we will endeavour to find an alternative course tutor for the student.

IP and copyright: All course materials, assessment materials, email communications, policies and documentation related to courses with Natural Touch Training are the sole intellectual property of Natural Touch Training and as such may not be shared or distributed outside of the business. Tutors are not permitted to teach Natural Touch Training courses independently. 

Termination of contract: Natural Touch Training will endeavour to offer its tutors all the support they need in preparing to teach and whilst training students. Although we hope this never happens, if a tutor is considered to be unfit to continue as a tutor with Natural Touch Training for any reason this contract may be terminated without notice. If you wish to terminate your contract with Natural Touch Training, you may do so by giving written notice at any time. You must honour any courses booked, or return any student fees paid for those courses, in which case we will offer the student(s) an alternative tutor.

Financial matters: Please note, Natural Touch Training does not employ its therapists, nor does it pay a salary. As an independent freelance tutor you are self-employed, and therefore responsible for your own tax and National Insurance contributions. 

Please read the student terms and conditions, for reference.