Mentor Pro

£15.00 £10.00

Do you need help or advice in setting up your business, articulating your vision, attracting more clients, training, or taking the next step?

Join our bespoke and unique mentoring and coaching service for access to the best in business advice, mentoring and coaching, designed by therapists, for therapists. Whether you just need some advice to point you in the right direction, or long term coaching for success, this service is for you. There is no minimum subscription period; you an opt in or out at any time.

You know what they say: The definition of madness is continuing to do the same thing, and expecting different results. Our business mentors and coaches will stimulate and encourage new thinking and give you support in trying new ideas. Their experience and knowledge will help you to move forward as you grow and market your business or learn new skills.

For a monthly subscription we will match you to an ideal mentor and coach. You will have access to their knowledge and expertise by email, on the phone or via online chat and video conferencing, wherever you are.


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