Refresher courses

If you’re already qualified but want to brush up your skills after a break, or want to develop your skills with the guidance of our expert tutors, our refresher courses are designed just for you! 

Many of our most popular refresher courses are also available as online courses. You can find details below. 

Many of our full courses are available as refresher courses. These courses are exclusively for qualified therapists who want to brush up their skills after a break, or perhaps before further training. The content is the same as the full course in many cases, but as you already have a fundamental understanding of the content of the course, the refresher course itself can be completed much more quickly with an emphasis on practical training. And of course your tutor can focus on specific areas, if you wish. 

These are not qualification courses, but you will be awarded with a certificate of completion by your tutor and in many cases these also carry CPD (continuing professional development) points for professional therapists.

To book a refresher course, just choose the full course you are qualified in from our range of courses. If the refresher course is available, you’ll see it in the pull-down menu for course type.

If you can’t see the course you want, get in touch with us! We may be able to find a tutor who can offer the course you need, or design a bespoke course to meet your needs. 

Online refresher courses

Save time and money with our excellent value refresher courses. All our online refreshers have the same course content and full video tutorials as our online diploma courses, but without the assessment element. However, in order to download your certificate of completion, you will be asked to provide evidence of your original qualification. 

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