Information for new students

Congratulations on booking your course with Natural Touch Training!
To make sure your course goes smoothly, please read the following information carefully.

Your tutor will contact you to arrange a convenient date for your course. 
If there is anything you need to do before the practical element of your course, your tutor will give you that information too, along with access to any course materials. 

Before your course

  1. Carefully read through the information sent to you by your course tutor. Pay particular attention to any preparatory work, and information about what you need to bring with you on the day. For example, if you’re taking a massage course, you may need to bring a friendly body to practice on during the practical element of the course.
  2. Complete any preparatory work that needs to be done before the practical element of your course in good time, so that you have time to ask questions if you’re not sure about anything.
  3. Pay remainder of course fees to tutor, at least 14 days before your agreed course date.
  4. Please ensure that we have the full and correct spelling of your name for your certificate.

Your tutor will send you a reminder a few days before your course. 

If there are manuals or preparatory materials for your course, you will be able to access them through your account on our website once you are registered on the course. Go to the My Account menu and look under Downloads to find them.

If your course requires you to upload any material (for example, if you we have asked for a copy of your qualification certificate for a refresher course), you can do this by selecting Orders from My Account, and clicking the Upload button next to the relevant course title.

If your course is an online course, or you’re taking one of our course bundles with an online course as part of the bundle, you’ll be able to access the course by logging onto our website with the username (or email address) you chose when you paid for your course. 

On the day of your course:

  1. Please turn up on time
  2. Please wear suitable clothing
  3. Please bring your manual with you, if you have been given one. You can bring a hard copy, or the electronic version we have provided you with.
  4. Bring a packed lunch unless you have made alternative arrangements with you.

Don’t forget your model, if you need one!

After your course:

  1. Your tutor will tell you whether have passed the course before you leave.
  2. We will send your certificate electronically, normally within a few days of your course. 
  3. We will also send you information about professional bodies which you might consider joining now that you are qualified, and about recommended insurers. 
  4. Please feel free to give us feedback about any elements of your course, we would be happy to hear from you.

All qualified therapists should have professional insurance before they begin working with clients. For some courses it is also a requirement to have student insurance whilst you are training and practising your new skills. Your tutor will be able to advise you on this for your specific course. 

And don’t forget, if you recommend a friend and they take a course, you will both be entitled to a 20% discount on the deposit fee for your next course!

Please also refer to our terms and conditions page, which lists the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of booking your course, and our privacy policy.

Why not join our Facebook group, where you can meet other students, ask questions and find out about our latest courses and offers.

Congratulations, once again, on booking a course with Natural Touch Training. Don’t forget, we are here to support you all the way so please get in touch with our team via the contact page, or with your tutor directly if you have any questions or concerns. Most importantly, enjoy your course!